The Company.

Research drives investment. From equities research to investment banking; business development to technical sales, research is a key to beneficial understanding of the venture being considered.  Research also drives successful marketing campaigns for those seeking to understand new markets or trends.  Upstream Research is designed to service this multitude of investors looking for unique insight into the oil and gas industry.  The company currently offers technical reviews on three main bodies of research.  The goals of this brand of research are;

·         Promote an index of companies and enable access to capital through advancing structured rules for best practices and sustainable investment in the oil and gas industry

·         Promote sales, marketing, and business development opportunities for companies that engage in these principles

·         To offer every level of investor a sound body of energy market research that aids in making informed decisions for genuinely sustainable investment

All research provided by the company is based on extensive industry contact through;   personal relationships established over two decades, attendance at trade shows and industry conferences, and from a detailed library constructed over this time frame. Each body of research offers a 'sources for more detail' section, which is effectively the index of companies that offer extraordinary accomplishment in the field of advancing a best practice or sustainable process/investment opportunity. 

The company also provides custom research to enhance and engage in business development prospects.

Please see the products and services section for more details on available research and pricing methodology on custom work.